The Kyoto Shimbun Newspaper Co., Ltd.

The Kyoto Shimbun Newspaper Co., Ltd. (KS) distributes news related to the region, mainly in Kyoto and Shiga prefectures in Japan, on websites, etc., and sells the local newspaper "The Kyoto Shimbun" published in those regions.

In addition, KS actively provides information rooted in the region, such as local topics, tourism, culture, economy and sports.

Established in 1879, KS is a private company with over 140 years of history. KS works with the philosophy of contributing to the development of a society rich in humanity through comprehensive information activities based on press reports.

This site, "The Kyoto Shimbun (Kyoto News)", picks up information on sightseeing, culture, and daily life in Kyoto from among them, and provides useful information for foreigners living in or visiting Kyoto and its vicinity.