【4K Video】On April 27, 2024, the Kyoto City Water and Sewerage Bureau opened the azaleas, which are at their peak blooming season, to the public at the Keage Water Purification Plant in Higashiyama Ward. Approximately 4,600 azaleas planted on the grounds bloomed in red, purple, and white, and were enjoyed by tourists.
This is the first public release in five years, including the coronavirus pandemic. As it was the first day of Golden Week, people could be seen lining up from early in the morning, and by the time the gates opened, a long line of over 500 people had formed.

2:30 ツツジのトンネル Azalea”Tunnel”
4:53 南禅寺の眺望 View of Nanzenji Temple
6:14 キッチンカーが並ぶ広場 Square lined with kitchen cars