A biographical novel of the late Jakucho Setouchi, a writer and Buddhist priest, titled "Shukke: Jakucho ni Natta Hi," which translates to "Entering the priesthood: The day I became Jakucho," has been published. The author Reiko Nagao, who lives in Tokyo, was her secretary. Being a relative of Setouchi, Nagao describes her through the eyes of people who were close to her.
Nagao's mother is Setouchi's cousin and 11 years younger. Nagao and her family called Setouchi "Haa-chan." For eight years from 1970, they lived on different floors of the same apartment building where Setouchi had her office-cum-home in Tokyo.

Articles are excerpts from reports and news in the Kyoto Shimbun. Translated by Mie Hiuzon, Psyche et l’Amour, Inc.