【Materials】 (for 1 can)
Kiwi fruits...3
Kawachi mandarin oranges...2 small
Soy milk...200g
Koji amazake...140g
Cane sugar...1 tablespoon
Agar powder...3g

【How to make】
①Peel the kiwi fruit, cut it into 4 equal parts lengthwise, then cut it into randomly sized pieces.
②Peel the Kawachi mandarin oranges, remove the flesh, and cut one part in half.
③Place 2/3 of ① and ② in a can.
④Pour the amazake and soy milk into a pot, add the agar powder, and mix. Heat over medium heat until just before boiling, add the cane sugar, mix, and turn off the heat.
⑤Pour ④ into the can in ③.
⑥Before ⑤ hardens, arrange the remaining fruits from ③, gently press the fruits down with a spoon so that they blend into the surface, and cool and harden.

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